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They still haven't taken us off the air yet

  1. 2021.01.05: Brent Spence

    Our first show!
    In this episode, we talked about the latest shenanigans following the city council inaugurations, archeological findings in Lexington, and the infamous Brent Spence Bridge conundrum plaguing an interstate near you
  2. 2021.01.12: Capitol Report

    What is a constable?
    When do I have to pay my lextran fares?
    What the hell is going on in Frankfort?!
    All of these questions and more on this episode of L.A.M.E.
  3. 2021.01.19: What Even Happens on City Council?

    In which we discuss the latest happenings at city council. Including, but not limited to, the concept of landlords, the misgivings of our city counselors, and potentially dubious urban infrastructure projects. We also discuss the latest development project plaguing Kentucky's unforseen wilderness
  4. 2021.01.29: Urban Geography Tik Toks

    The impending privatization of public services is looming on the horizon. Coupled with a disregard for cyclists in Lexington, city council seems to have a lot of work to do.
    Stay tuned to the second half of our show to hear one simple trick to fix homelessness in Lexington, while gaining immortality on the city council.
  5. 2021.02.04: State of the LFUCG

    In a surprising turn of events, we agree with what city council is doing for Lexington as a whole. Things are going well in the city! We also do some research into what has been going on in city council, and read to you from Lexington's finest news source.
    It's like Dirty Dancing but with Art!